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KGPS thyristor power supply


Intermediate Frequency Power Supply

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The thyristor medium frequency power supply uses thyristors as the main inverter device to convert three-phase power frequency AC power into single-phase medium frequency AC power through rectification, filtering, inverter and other processes. It is used in the industries of heat transfer, metal melting, surface quenching, tempering, and tempering of raw materials. This series of products covers a power range of 100-3000kW and a frequency of 0.5-8KHz

Product Details Introduction

Product Features

Adopting fully integrated control circuits, with a digitization level of over 90%.

The entire system implements dual closed-loop regulation, which can adopt two working modes: constant voltage and constant current. It has multiple protection functions such as overvoltage, startup overcurrent, intermediate frequency overcurrent inverter failure, and insufficient water pressure.

The device startup adopts a method of first excitation and then tracking the natural frequency, ensuring a 100% success rate of device startup

The timing logic of the equipment is controlled by PLC, and the operation status of the equipment can be understood at any time and fault indication can be provided through display.

The inverter trigger system of the equipment adopts a constant back voltage time control method, ensuring that the power supply operates at high power factors and other advantages

The inverter circuit is equipped with a unique current limiting inductor and pulse triggering module, which can ensure the long-term reliability of the equipment

The cooling pipelines of the equipment are all connected with brass water nozzles, which is extremely convenient and fast for installation and disassembly.

The optional water temperature monitoring system can implement temperature monitoring protection for each waterway. Once the water temperature exceeds the limit, the equipment will automatically stop running


Note: The above cooling water volume is the water volume of the power cabinet, and the cooling water volume of transformers and capacitors is not included

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