Fully automatic quenching equipment for chuck

Fully automatic quenching equipment for chuck

The fully automatic quenching equipment for chuck is suitable for heating and quenching various chuck I-slots and umbilicals, and multiple different quenching parts are automatically completed on one workstation. The chuck fully automatic quenching equipment has three workstations: loading position, quenching position, and unloading position. The transportation between each workstation is automatically completed by an automatic material transfer mechanism, without the need for manual operation. When changing the variety, only call in the corresponding processing program and replace it with the corresponding sensor. Real time monitoring and recording of working status and processing parameters, and online communication between the machine control system and the heating power supply to achieve automation of the workpiece quenching process.


Functional Characteristics

1. The bed adopts a welded structure, processed after aging, and has good rigidity, stability, and seismic resistance.

2. The machine tool has fully automatic loading and unloading functions, and the equipment automatically completes both loading and unloading, as well as loading and unloading between workstations.

3. The sensor adopts a water and electricity quick change interface and a mechanical quick positioning structure, which is easy to operate, replace, and maintain.

4. The mechanical and electrical design of the machine tool has various protective measures to ensure the safety of operation and machine operation.

5. The quenching room of the machine tool is protected by stainless steel, and the aluminum alloy protective door is equipped with a large field tempered glass observation window; Beautiful appearance, convenient and safe operation.

6. The quenching sensor of the machine tool adopts servo drive, precision linear guide rail guidance, and precision ball screw transmission, ensuring accurate repeated positioning.

7. The quenching liquid temperature and equipment cooling water temperature are fully automatic constant temperature control, and the water temperature can be set digitally.

8. The new energy-saving quenching transformer is adopted, with small size, high Energy conversion efficiency, low failure rate, long service life and good stability of quenching parameters.

9. Equipped with IGBT transistor power supply, the startup success rate is 100%, and it has a complete set of protection functions and fault diagnosis alarm functions.

10. The machine tool can automatically complete the surface quenching of the I-shaped mouth and navel of the 2-6 jaw chuck.