Bed guide rail quenching machine tool

Bed guide rail quenching machine tool

The bed guide rail quenching machine is specially designed for induction quenching of various types and specifications of machine tools. The bed is fixed and the sensor continuously scans and moves for quenching. The machine tool adopts servo control technology. After the workpiece is fixed on the workbench, the machine tool control system can automatically measure and position the gap between the sensor and the workpiece accurately based on the set parameters, and automatically heat and cool the surface of the quenched workpiece. The bed guide rail quenching machine adopts electrical automatic tracking technology to track the gap between the sensor and the workpiece in real-time, ensuring that the gap between the sensor and the quenching surface of the quenched workpiece remains unchanged, improving the consistency of quenching quality, and reducing the quenching deformation and machining allowance of the workpiece.



1. Machine body: welded/cast steel sections.

2. Transmission: precision ball screw/gear rack.

3. Gap tracking: Electrical tracking system, where the gap between the inductor and the quenched surface remains unchanged during quenching.

4. Quenching load: Adjustable turn ratio HKM series energy-saving quenching transformer (patented by our company).

5. Mechanical guide rail: linear guide rail.

6. Inductor positioning motor: AC servo motor.

7. Sensor two-dimensional movement: driven by servo motor.

8. Quenching method: Standard configuration is sensor movement; Optional workpiece movement method.

9. Protection: water pressure protection, flow protection, air pressure protection, photoelectric safety protection.

10. Control box: Rotary operation box/control cabinet integrated control box.

11. Alarm: Sound/light fault alarm, control interface display alarm and record.

12. Cooling interface for sensors and water sprayers: stainless steel/brass quick change connectors are used.

13. Electric control system: PLC/touch screen+PLC/808D/828D/840DSL.

14. Number of workstations: 1.

15. Cooling method: closed air cooling cycle system/industrial refrigeration unit+internal circulation cooling system.

16. It can be equipped with a process parameter monitoring system, which has the functions of recording, querying, and printing processing process parameters.


Functional Characteristics

1. Suitable for scanning and quenching of bed guide rails, other types of guide rail parts, and flat parts.

2. The sensor movement is driven by a Siemens servo motor.

3. Equipped with automatic tracking function of sensors, the gap between the sensor and the workpiece is set, and the system automatically controls each axis to achieve a constant gap between the sensor and the workpiece quenching surface.

4. The precision displacement sensor is imported.

5. The sensors and water sprayers both use water and electricity quick change interfaces, making replacement and adjustment convenient and fast.

6. Adopting an automated control system, all processing parameters of the equipment (power, time, quenching fluid flow rate, quenching speed, quenching fluid temperature, etc.) can be inputted or displayed through a dedicated parameter screen and can be stored.

7. The control system has functions such as process parameter monitoring, recording, output printing, etc.

8. The machine tool is fully enclosed with photoelectric protection, ensuring safe use.