Shaft type quenching machine tool

Shaft type quenching machine tool

Shaft type quenching machine tools are mainly suitable for induction quenching of lightweight shafts, discs, or small parts. By using workpiece movement, they can achieve continuous scanning quenching, segmented scanning quenching, and segmented overall quenching functions for quenched parts. Adopting CNC system control and optionally equipped with a dedicated parameter management monitoring and recording system, achieving the function of querying process parameters and historical data of quenched products. Equipped with a digital transistor induction heating power supply, it has complete protection functions and stable and reliable performance. The shaft type quenching machine tool adopts a modular layout structure, which can efficiently complete induction quenching tasks for multiple types of parts.



1. Adopting humanized design.

2. High strength welded bed.

3. Stainless steel (pneumatic/manual, dual/single) spring tip.

4. Adjustable turn ratio HKM series energy-saving quenching transformer (patented by our company).

5. All imported ball screws.

6. Cooling water pressure, flow rate, and temperature protection; Quenching liquid flow and temperature monitoring.

7. Rotary operation box.

8. Electric adjustment of workpiece clamping length.

9. Sound/light fault alarm.

10. The waterway adopts quick connect joints.

11. Machine tool structure: welding/casting.

12. Rotation control method: frequency converter/stepper motor/AC servo motor.

13. Electric control method: PLC/touch screen+PLC/808D/828D/840D.

14. Transformer slide adjustment: manual/automatic adjustment; When receiving adjustments, the handwheel is placed in front for easy adjustment.

15. Workpiece movement motor: deceleration motor/stepper motor/AC servo motor.

16. Workpiece moving guide rail: inlaid steel guide rail/rectangular linear guide rail.

17. Number of working hours: 1-3.

18. According to different workpieces and user needs, automatic loading and unloading devices can be equipped, such as truss manipulators, robots, etc.

19. It can be equipped with a process parameter monitoring system, which has the functions of recording, querying, and printing processing process parameters.