Hengjin Induction

Production Capacity

Strong production capacity

The company adopts a production model of "production based on sales", and formulates research and development plans, procurement plans, production time arrangements, coordination of departmental resources, and other specific work tasks according to the parameters, specifications, processes, and delivery times required by customers.
At present, there are more than 20 sets of high-end intelligent testing equipment and instruments, with over 200 employees. The workers have comprehensive skills and complete types of work, including lathe workers, milling workers, fitters, grinders, boring workers, sheet metal workers, welding workers, wire cutting workers, gas welders, assembly workers, and a full range of processes. Can achieve 24-hour continuous operation, fully meeting customer delivery needs.
The company strictly implements a high standard production management model, with a development philosophy of understanding customer needs, meeting customer needs, and exceeding customer expectations to implement standardized management. The company implements the following principles: firstly, the 3N principle: not accepting unqualified products, not manufacturing unqualified products, and not issuing unqualified products; 2、 The concept of "Two Refinements and Two Excellence": meticulous design, precision manufacturing, excellent products, and high-quality service, has been consistently praised in the industry for many years.