Hengjin Induction

Research And Development

Strong product research and development capabilities

The company has established a complete industrial and technological chain for high-end CNC induction hardening machine tools. It is an enterprise that simultaneously develops and produces key functional components such as heating power supplies, inductors, and transformers, CNC systems, cooling devices, and complete sets of induction heat treatment equipment. At present, the company has achieved a rapid customized production mode and entered the first tier of the domestic high-end CNC induction hardening equipment industry, competing with foreign manufacturers in the mid to high end market. The company's high-end CNC induction hardening machine tools have been in the leading position in China, realizing Import substitution industrialization.
Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the core concept of independent research and technological innovation, adhering to the overall strategic layout of "mature generation, pre research generation, and planned generation", always adhering to the market demand of downstream customers as the guide, and continuously carrying out the development and research of new products, new technologies, and new processes in line with the pace of international advanced technology.
The company attaches great importance to the construction of its R&D team. Most of the R&D team members have interdisciplinary backgrounds in materials science, heat treatment, information technology, mechanical manufacturing and its automation chemistry, electrical engineering, and automation chemistry. Most of the personnel have years of R&D practical experience and are familiar with the downstream customer market, usage scenarios, operating conditions, and application fields of the company's products. After years of development, the company's R&D team has a reasonable knowledge structure and a stable talent pool.
Our R&D engineers pursue the goals of exquisite design and manufacturing appearance, practical products, high automation level, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and reliable quality.