Hengjin Induction

Product Quality

Excellent quality assurance system:

A professional and standardized manufacturing team. The production department manages production according to standardized procedures, using strict quality requirements and inspection standards. Always adhere to the principle of "not accepting defective products, not manufacturing defective products, and not releasing defective products", and carry out various monitoring work before, during, and after production.
The company strictly implements relevant management standards and passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2003, identifying and controlling all product quality related processes. In 2012, the company's quenching machine tools and induction heating power supply series products passed the EU CE audit certification. The company implements comprehensive internal supervision on the effectiveness of system operation, product physical quality, production process quality monitoring and improvement, and supplier quality in accordance with ISO9001 standards and the EU management system. The company has always adhered to the quality policy of "precision, lean, and high-quality". By implementing an excellent management system, the quality management level of the enterprise has been improved, meeting the company's further pursuit of excellence after passing the quality management system certification, improving the quality of products, services, and operations, enhancing core competitiveness, and achieving long-term market success, ensuring the stability of the company's product quality.