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Notes on heat treatment equipment during the Spring Festival


Dear customer:



On the occasion of the arrival of the Chinese New Year holiday, all employees of Hengjin Induction Technology (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. extend their sincerest greetings to you and wish you and your family a happy and auspicious New Year! Thank you for your trust and support in us. In order to ensure the normal use of our equipment after the holiday, we would like to kindly remind you as follows:


1. During the Spring Festival, please drain all the water in the cooling water tank of the equipment, and drain the residual liquid in the quenching transformer, power supply, and pipelines. For some pipelines that are difficult to discharge, compressed air can be used to assist in draining to avoid low-temperature freezing and freezing of cooling components during the Spring Festival.


2. The quenching liquid medium can be collected in a dedicated bucket, and all the medium in the quenching liquid tank and pipeline can be emptied. If conditions permit, all the quenching liquid can also be discharged into the accumulation pool of the machine tool for collection and storage (if there is a leakage problem in the accumulation pool, this method should not be used).


3. The quenching area of the machine tool is cleaned with clean water, mainly to remove the oxide skin deposited at the bottom of the machine tool and the residue of the quenching medium on various moving parts (pay attention to the waterproofing of the electrical part), in order to avoid the phenomenon of stagnation in the operation of the moving parts after the quenching medium dries.


4. If the equipment is equipped with a refrigeration unit, please drain the circulating water in the circulating water tank of the unit during the Spring Festival to avoid low temperature frostbite to the heat exchanger and water pump of the refrigeration unit.


5. Clean the residual lubricating media of the guide and transmission components of the machine tool, add corresponding lubricating media, turn off the control switches of each part of the machine tool, and cut off the power switch of the main incoming line of the machine tool.


6. Please be careful when going to work after the Spring Festival. Please confirm in advance whether the equipment meets the usage standards, check the operation status of all components of the equipment, and then turn it on for use to avoid causing trouble to your production.



Hengjin Induction Technology (Shiyan) Co., Ltd

February 2, 2018