Vice Chairman of the Provincial Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Zhang Weiguo and his delegation visited Hengjin for induction research


On the morning of the 21st, Zhang Weiguo, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Hubei Provincial Committee, Ma Zhaohui, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, Zhang Hansheng, Secretary of the CPC Maojian District District Committee, and heads of relevant provincial and municipal departments visited Hengjin Induction Technology (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. for research and guidance.



The Vice Chairman and his delegation visited our company's production workshop to gain a deeper understanding of the production and operation status, market situation, product design and development, and patent product market transformation of Hengjin Induction. They highly appreciated our company's automation, informatization, and intelligent production situation. In the debugging area of the spindle quenching machine tool, our company's general manager provided a detailed introduction to the automated operation and market sales of this product.



After the visit, General Manager Wan Meihua reported to the Vice Chairman that in the wave of intelligent equipment induction quenching machine tools, Hengjin Induction has taken the lead in testing, continuously increasing research and development investment, and has become a leading enterprise in domestic heat treatment intelligent equipment from scratch to precision. At the same time, Hengjin Induction continuously optimizes its products, innovates and actively caters to market needs, becoming the main force in the development of the intelligent equipment industry.