Huang Jianxiong, Deputy Secretary of Shiyan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, investigated Hengjin Induction


In the afternoon of September 16, Huang Jianxiong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Shiyan Municipal Committee and Mayor of Shiyan, led a team to investigate Hengjin Induction, accompanied by Zhang Hansheng, Secretary of the CPC Maojian District Committee, and others.



The inspection team went deep into the factory and workshop, visited the company's product display on site, and gained a detailed understanding of the company's production and operation, development situation, technological research and development, product innovation, and other aspects. Huang Jianxiong affirmed and appreciated the company's production, operation, and development trend, and expressed great recognition and praise for the company's exploration and efforts to strengthen scientific research and innovation investment and pursue high-quality development. He encouraged Hengjin Induction to not only focus on the industrial upgrading of research and development, production, and sales, but also strengthen and stabilize its own industry to achieve leapfrog growth.



Finally, Huang Jianxiong emphasized that all departments of the Municipal Party Committee and Government should carefully and attentively serve enterprises, implement detailed policies that benefit enterprises, solve practical problems in a timely manner, and support enterprises in focusing on operation and innovative development.