The "Representative Action" of the Finance and Economics Professional Representative Group of the Municipal People's Congress Enters Hengjin


On the morning of May 28th, Liu Xuehua, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and a delegation from the Finance and Economics Professional Representative Group conducted a "Representative Action" visit to Hengjin Induction Technology (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. to conduct research on enterprises.
   The research team went deep into the workshops to learn more about the enterprise's production and operation, product innovation, talent demand, and the construction and subsequent development planning of the new factory in Yunyang District. When discussing the situation of enterprise listing work, Director Liu emphasized that in addition to leveraging the initiative of the enterprise itself, government departments at all levels should also actively perform their duties, create a good external environment for enterprise listing, increase support for listed enterprises, support the sustained and healthy development of listed companies, and improve the quality of listed companies. General Manager Wan Meihua also stated that Hengjin Company should strengthen its confidence in development, actively introduce high-end talents, strengthen scientific research and innovation, continuously enhance its core competitiveness, further expand and strengthen, and make greater contributions to the economic development of Shiyan.