What are the types of high-frequency quenching machines


In the modern machinery manufacturing industry, almost all Almost all need to locally harden these workpieces when manufacturing finished products. At this time, high-frequency quenching machines will be used. However, few people know about high-frequency quenching machines and what kinds of high-frequency quenching machines are not clear.
Modern high-frequency quenching machines are more energy-saving, efficient, and environmentally friendly than traditional quenching machines. It can be divided into the following types:
1. High frequency induction heating shaft quenching machine: This type is specifically designed for surface quenching of various shafts, which will increase the surface hardness of the shaft, making it durable and wear-resistant.
2. High frequency machine tool guide rail quenching induction heating machine: This type is specifically used for single guide rail quenching, double guide rail quenching, flat guide rail quenching, and other guide rail quenching.
3. High frequency induction gears should be heated and quenched by a quenching machine: this type is specifically designed for quenching various gears. Through this process, the gears are made more durable and wear-resistant.