Which workpieces are mainly suitable for quenching of sprocket quenching complete equipment?


Sprocket quenching complete equipment, as the name suggests, refers to a complete set of induction heating equipment that quenches the surface of sprockets. Sprocket quenching is a typical disc quenching, also known as flat workpiece quenching, which is the principle of induction heating surface quenching. It is to place the workpiece in a profiling inductor wound with copper tube, apply high-frequency or intermediate frequency alternating current, and form the same frequency induction current on the surface of the workpiece, Quickly heat the surface of the metal workpiece and immediately spray water to cool it, making the surface layer of the workpiece harden.
The main characteristics of the complete set of sprocket quenching equipment are small size, light weight, and easy installation; Strong adaptability, able to heat various workpieces; Fast heating speed, no oxide layer, and small workpiece deformation; Temperature and heating time can be accurately controlled, resulting in high-quality processed products; The inductor is isolated by a transformer, with stable performance to ensure safe use; Energy saving and electricity saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free!
This type of sprocket quenching usually adopts a combination of supporting equipment, power supply, and tooling. The intermediate frequency quenching equipment in the complete set of sprocket quenching equipment is mainly suitable for quenching workpieces with gear diameter of about 600mm, width of about 150mm, sprocket diameter of about 800mm, and hardening layer of about 2-6mm; If the gear diameter is below 400mm, ultra audio/high-frequency quenching equipment can be used, with a quenching layer of 1-3mm. If the gear diameter is larger, such as 1m or more, gear division quenching can be used for treatment.